Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cyclocross, the Magazine

Perhaps my hordes of readers and/or internet stalkers have noticed a prolonged absence here, as well as some outdated links. I'm talking to both of you.

Well, the Cyclocross Build spin-off site has been dead for almost a year, but before that happened, it did get me the attention of a certain Cyclocross Magazine intergalactic conglomerate. So, for the past 16 months or so, my time, energy, musings, writings & c. have gone into the print editions of Cyclocross Magazine and the cxmagazine.com website.

Maybe I'll revive this bit of e-action you've stumbled upon here, but, surprisingly, the Internet has seemed to be doing just fine without it. In the meantime, support truly independent grassroots media, read about the coolest sport, and go buy (or at least borrow) a copy of the latest.

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