Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gila Sufferfest 2009

Just wrapped up the Tour of the Gila, back home and recovering. Below is an excerpt of the post I did for Oregon Cycling Action:

SILVER CITY, New Mexico -- This year's Tour of the Gila was a bit of a homecoming for me. Although I've never lived in Silver City, I spent the better part of the past seven years split between Taos and Albuquerque, New Mexico, before arriving in Portland this past fall. The Gila is where I cut my racing teeth, and this year marked my fifth consecutive edition.

The eclectic mining town of Silver City blends the stunning Gila wilderness with blue collar salt of the earth, outdoor enthusiasts, a growing artist and gallery community, and some folks who manage to blend several of those aspects. Somehow it all works and dodges the priciness and pretension of other southwest mountain escapes like Santa Fe. And, once per year, it hosts one of the coolest bike races in the country... (click here to read the rest).

I also provided daily race journal entries for Cyclo-CLUB.com. They're in the members only section right now, but I'll repost those here once they're public.

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