Friday, February 6, 2009

Don't Believe the Bike Hype

An excerpt from an article I just wrote for Cyclo-CLUB:

Although I've always mixed non-cycling clothes into my get-ups, including an array of old ski garments, I've been sucked in by marketing for far too long. Another pair of my long-fingered gloves recently bit the dust and it recently occurred to me to check out some non-traditional options. Ironclad's offerings may have helped to inspire me -- I've been rocking their winter baselayers and Cold Condition Gloves all winter long, and they're fabulous products. They incorporate warm technical fabrics with great wicking, are form-fitting, and are durable as hell. They may have been designed for the construction site -- but they're awesome on the bike.

I looked beyond the "cycling specific" label in my search for new gloves -- and it brought me to a discount department store.

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