Saturday, January 3, 2009

Riding Ketchup

OK, time to play ketchup. I have some more interesting posts to come, promise. for now, just recording the workouts I'm doing and my early 2009 progress. In the works, though: an interview with Cycle-Smart coach Alec Donahue about how best to implement the mysterious, secretly-whispered-about-by-serious-racers technique called "The Drip" (and its bastard off-shoot we're calling "The Dreeze"); a series of reviews on multitasking options for those who need good sounding headphones/a cell phone/mp3 player/remote/etc... out on the road with them - my own obsessive personal quest of late; and more. Stay tuned.

Riding RECAP...

Saturday: I played "bike racer" today. Great 3hours 40 minutes, beautiful ride along the Columbia River out towards Multnomah Falls, ~2820kJ; Did some good stretching (Fix the Back, Stay in the Drops from Cyclo-CLUB); slid into my new favorite compression tights; and Drip/Dreezed all day long for nutrition. It's 10:20pm as I write this though... and I'm really craving that beer in the fridge. Mmmmm... maybe just one...

Friday night: I was so adept at delaying doing anything productive today that, while I may be an amateur when it comes to the bike, I'm officially coining this term and applying it to myself: Pro-Crastinator™. It was 'round about midnight when I finally mounted my trainer, popped in the classic Sunday in Hell 1974 Paris-Roubaix documentary, and tapped out 35 minutes-or-so. More ab-roller and medicine ball twists to keep working on that core strength, some jump-rope-action for extra credit kicks.

Thursday: involved 45 minutes on the trainer watching the UCI Cyclocross World Cup #4. Those guys killing themselves for an hour+ definitely inspires me to keep turning the pedals over for a little while inside. More ab-roller, medicine ball, jump rope, stretching, and the Drip/Dreeze. Good times.

Wednesday: Off!

Tuesday: A 2 hour ride (mapped below) that re-affirmed my love for Portland. It's got everything: A warm-up spin that takes me through downtown and to the hipster-laden Northwest 23rd; then starts the serious climbing to: Skyline - rolling along a fabulous ridge, as the name implies; down a sick twisty descent; onto a flattish tempo road; over St John's Bridge; and back home. 2 hours, a sick workout, BEAUTIFUL scenery. Me gusta mucho!

Spin that turntable
There's only maybe a 700 or 800' gain in elevation,
but it was more than enough to find where the snow
was still hiding...

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