Friday, December 26, 2008

Putting Pen to Paper (or pixels to screen...)

My day job is bike-centric too: I help to run Cyclo-CLUB, an online membership community with on- and off-the-bike workouts, articles, tips, techniques, streaming Spin classes, etc. One of my duties (among many) is to head up the Everyday Cyclist Challenge which encourages Club members to set goals and document their journeys and experiences in a public blog.

Several of them are absolutely incredible - Engaging, thoughtful, and downright inspiring (I'll post a blogroll here soon!). In fact, they've pretty much forced me to "put up." Although I've written tons of content for Cyclo-CLUB, including my first-person experiential "Watch Me Race" column, it's high time that I follow our own recommendations, set some concrete goals, and make a kickass public blog.

So, without further ado, we're underway. My goals, pertaining both to the bike and life in general, could fill a book. We'll start with these - For 2009 and beyond...

  • Make the weight / make the power. Like to be ~65kgs (or as low as I can get while staying healthy and maintaining power output!) and have a 320+ watt threshold power.

  • Incorporate regular foam roller and hypoxic breathing intervals.

  • Learn to meditate. Improve FOCUS, life-organization, and time management.

  • Kick my damned heartburn. Experiment with diet to improve energy levels.

  • Hit a couple of big races out of the country.

  • Build up our sweet new Green Cycling Team!

  • Win a bunch of races...


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