Saturday, December 27, 2008

Music for Inspiration

Is this a bike blog or music playlist? Well... either way. What can I say, good music strums my heart strings and gets me inspired to do good things with my life. Today's highlight was definitely going to see a band that I just keep liking more and more and more...


As much as I loved the recordings I have of their music, to see them live changed everything. I'm totally on board, these guys are fabulous! If you like it, you gotta check out this free 90+ minute concert from May on the best podcast ever, NPR's All Songs Considered.

Biking and training happened too... but that's all in the background today. Over the course of the day...
  • Morning Rituals with Tongue Scraper, skin Brush, Energy Exercises
  • Rode the trainer while watching an awesome Cyclocross World Cup from France earlier this year - the Nommay World Cup. Good way to tap out a good tempo for an hour+ without getting bored. I'm coming for you, Lars Boom!
  • 30 minutes Cyclo-ZEN Power Yoga
  • Ab Power-Roller for more core
  • Medicine Ball work for yet more core...
  • And some jump rope, just because
  • oh... and it was DRIP Day Two.

A little Nommay Action, to boot (this clip in Flemish, appropriately enough):

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