Monday, December 29, 2008

Jammin' Out to the Rock and Roll Trainer

This is an excerpt from a longer article, "Great Gear to Keep You Rolling All Winter Long," which originally appeared on reprinted here with permission.

Rockin' and rollin'!

Rockin' and rollin'!

As promised, here's my very own review of the Kurt Kinetic Rock & Roll Trainer. My coach and I don't always agree... but not so in this case: this is the only company whose trainers we both feel 100% comfortable endorsing across the board. And he even shelled out his own $$$ for a Pro stationary trainer (which, if you know John, says A LOT!)

To be honest, I've never been a fan of generic indoor trainer workouts. Typically, I'd much rather bundle up and brave the elements than pedal without moving and feel bored out of my gourd. Part of the problem, however, might have been that I never had a Kurt Kinetic Rock & Roll Trainer. The energy of the new live Cyclo-SPIN classes have definitely changed my indoor attitude as well.

Riding a trainer has always felt very different to me than actually riding a bike outside. All manufacturer claims aside, all wind, mag, and fluid resistance trainers just felt plain wrong. Somehow the Kurt Kinetic developed fluid resistance that mimics the feel of spinning along on the road. But there are two things that put the Rock and Roll at the top of the heap.
  1. It rocks, it rolls! The trainer allows for a side-to-side, "rocking" motion. While most trainers lock you in to an unnatural, static position, the Rock and Roll's coolest attribute is that you can move the bike beneath you, as you would on the road. Great for intervals and out-of-the-saddle efforts and it allows you to better engage your core during the ride.

  2. Though simple, the front wheel support is pure genius . Turning your handlebars actually turns your wheel thanks to the turn table riser ring , further adding to the realistic feel of the setup. Ring is also available separately.

Spin that turntable
Spin that turntable
What it does: Rock and Roll is sturdy, quiet, and enhances the indoor trainer experience dramatically.

What it doesn't: It's not meant to be portable for pre-event warm-up. Set it up in your workout room and stream some Cyclo-SPIN classes, relive your favorite pro race on video, or pop in Cyclo-CLIMB and enjoy.

Rock and Roll MSRP is $559.99, Turn Table Riser Ring is $39.99

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