Friday, December 26, 2008

Day One "On the Clock"

Today's Training: I managed to churn out 90 minutes on the indoor trainer today which, for me, is a minor miracle. I'm not a big fan of indoor bike workouts - but road conditions in Portland for the past week have been atrocious. While I could probably ride a bit, there's no way I could go fast enough to get any sort of good training in. The only real outdoor work has been taking my dog Sasha along on my cross-country ski jaunts... down the middle of the neighborhood streets!

The Kurt Kinetic Trainer I'm currently demoing (just posted a review on cool Winter Gear in Cyclo-CLUB, will snip out and upload the review of the trainer here at some point soon as well) definitely helped the cause - as did my DVD copy of the 2002 Paris Roubaix.

This morning did an hour of Power Yoga, which felt awesome.

Oh... and I'm also a day-and-a-half into The Drip. More on that to come, but the basic premise is: eat a small breakfast and a moderate dinner. In between, bring on a diluted carb/protein mix in drink form all day long. I'm experimenting with different solutions and will likely mix it up so it's bearable. It should keep my metabolism burning all day long - and I'll emerge skinny. And tough.

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