Monday, December 29, 2008

Back Outside AT LAST, Dripping Away, & Radiohead Obsession...

Sweet, sweet, sweet! After 2 weeks largely devoted to indoor trainer workouts and off-the-bike stuff, I managed to squeeze in back-to-back outdoor rides the last couple of days. When I checked the weather report and saw scattered showers and temps in the mid-40's+ for the foreseeable future, I was PSYCHED. That shows just how bad things had gotten... and that "it's all relative." Rain meant the ice and snow would be quickly whisked away; mid-40's to low 50's meant a couple of layers, maybe some waterproof on the exterior, and I'd be good to go!

Yesterday was an hour and a half between tempo and "sweet spot" and I felt oh-so-good. Put out something like 850 or 900 kilojoules in the first hour, which is a lot on a non-race day for me. Apparently my body was super-psyched to be out on the road too. Today was a more moderate pace, but for 2 hours 40 and about 2,000kj total. And, although the weather has been iffy of late, the riding here in Portland is absolutely incredible - worth the moisture, frankly.

Both of the above rides came during my "Drip" phase. I alluded to it before but will delve a little deeper. Since I'm mostly just focusing on volume in my training right now, it's a good time to try to trim off my extra winter weight - well before race season kicks off in earnest. The calories brought on board during the day (between a sensible breakfast, moderate dinner, and the inevitable snack I devour post-ride) come from a diluted protein/carb mix drink "dripped" into my system all day long. Something between 3:1 and 5:1 carb to protein seems to work well, and I'm mixing up the sources quite a bit. A sports drink like Perpetuem or Accelerade would be good for during a workout, something with whey protein, like the Clif Shot recovery drink works well for after.

Frankly, I'm giving sports drinks a break and experimenting with my own concoctions to mix up the flavors. I bought this crazy Chocolate Chile hemp protein mix at my local natural food store (in case you didn't know, yes, I'm somewhat of a hippie at heart!) and have been mixing that with soymilk, lots of water, and a little bit of maple syrup or organic brown rice syrup for the right nutritional proportions. The chile, though subtle, has a really nice warming effect on these damp, chilly winter days. Unfortunately for me, I later found it here for waaaaay less money. I also bought soy protein in the bulk bins and am experimenting with some cheap drink mix options of my own with that.

I can't only talk about the bike stuff... too boring. Here's what else I've been up to: Got 52 minutes and 31 seconds to kill and tired of watching shitty television? I can't recommend this online Radiohead video broadcast enough. It took a couple of listens for their latest In Rainbows album to grow on me... now that growth has completely enveloped my body and soul. Like a thick, cushy fungus. Only... less gross.

Back to the point, the band made "Scotch Mist" to commemorate New Years 2007. They got together and did some great alternate takes of every song on the album, linked together with some sweet video and audio interludes.

Check it out!


CQ said...

Awesome post Josh, thanks for the video. I've been thinking of trying hemp protein and since you wrote about it, I think I will.

Have you tried the new clif warm recovery drinks? I've only seen them around in the stores.

CQ said...

Ok, seriously Josh- I'm on my second listening/viewing of the video. It has made my work day start much better. Thanks!

Tightwads of PDX! said...

Oh, cool - glad you like it CQ! Not sure if you noticed in your trackbacks... but I linked to your blog, re: the escalator video, from both my team website ( and from the Club homepage.

Hope you're learning how to "cope" with Recovery days. Maybe more super-sweet music will help :) I like that video so much that I had to find a way to convert to mp3 so I can listen while training...

AND, yeah, I *love* both of the warm drinks. Particularly partial to the apple cider electrolyte concoction, but hot chocolate is good too. I heard a rumor that they may be canceling those... if it's true, it's time to either stock up or figure out our own home-brewed concoction (which I've been doing more and more for "athlete food")